What’s New

CC Surveillance, LLC is proud to announce that we are one of the first and ONLY Companies to offer support and service on existing surveillance equipment.

A very common problem that security surveillance equipment customers have is lack of support and service. We get calls daily, asking if we repair or service existing equipment. Sometimes, it’s because the company they used is no longer in business. Other times, they have an off-the-shelf system and can’t get it working right. What a pain to have take it down and mail it in. Then, to have weeks of down time before it’s finally sent back. Finally, you have to figure out how to get it back up! And, there’s those customers who do have a company to call and still can’t get the service they were promised. Do you have a current company to call and still can’t get service?

For a long time, companies and consumers had no one to call because there were absolutely no businesses who offer CCTV repairs. (Check for yourself… there’s not a one.) Seeing that this is a serious issue, CC Surveillance decided to do something to help.

We now offer diagnostics, repairs, and support on any existing surveillance equipment that you have installed in your business or home. Our factory-trained technicians will come out at your convenience and do a complete diagnostics check on your system. CC Surveillance will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to be back up and running. You’ll be left with a complete list of any problems, along with solutions, so you can decide the best route in making the repairs/changes. Absolutely no work will be done to your system without your approval and there will be no hidden fees or malicious charges.

For more information on this exciting new service, please contact our office today!