How It Works...

Most people naturally assume that cameras are installed to catch criminals. While that may be partially true, it's not the real reason why surveillance systems work.

What we have learned in our many years of industry experience is that people will not even consider the crime if they know that cameras are in place.

This is true for criminals but also true for your customers, vendors, and even your own employees....

Criminal Activity

cache_534312According to the FBI, one out of every three businesses will experience a burglary this year. Before that criminal breaks in, he is going to case out your business. When he sees your cameras, he is going to leave and go somewhere else because his biggest fear is getting caught!

Employee Theft

cache_534332The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of all employees steal at least once, and half of those steal repeatedly. The Chamber also reports that one out of every three business failures is the direct result of employee theft. According to the US Department of Commerce, employee dishonesty cost American business in excess of $50 billion annually. Don't let this happen to your business. Cameras keep honest employees honest!

Customer Service

cache_53435786% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience. The worst part is, you will never know about most of them because only 1 out of 25 customers make a complaint. What about the rest of them? Well, they take their business elsewhere. Cameras are your eyes and ears when you're not around. Have peace of mind knowing that your customers are being handled with care.

Retail Crimes

cache_534362According to Retail Management Magazine, 1 out of 10 customers are shoplifters.Unfortunately, only 1 in 50 is ever caught. So, who is a shoplifter? Theunattended children who come in after school? The quite man who walks around with his hands in his pockets? Could it be the teenagers with the crazy hair? The truth is, it could be ANYONE. Studies have shown that the #1 shoplifter is a middle-aged house wife with at least $50 cash and 2 credit cards. Can you guess who #2 is? A senior citizen!

Security cameras will let your customers know that you are watching all areas of the store, therefore, the temptation to steal will be eliminated.