Commercial Systems

Custom Designed For Your Business Needs

Each CC Surveillance system is specifically designed and completely customizable. Up to 32 cameras can be installed on a single unit and we can also link multiple units so you can watch all locations simultaneously . Since each since is designed just for you, a combination of several types of cameras can be used as well. So, whether you are need of a basic system with stationary cameras or you’re looking for an advanced system with PTZ cameras, CC Surveillance is the number one choice for all of your surveillance needs.

Digital Video Recording

Digital video can be recorded 24/7, by motion detection, or on a schedule.  Recordings can be viewed on the system's designated monitor or offsite, via your internet connection. Video can be exported with a digital watermark to make it admissible in court and can be saved to a flash drive, if needed. All CC Surveillance DVRs store approximately 30 days of recordings but additional memory can be added if you prefer.

Remote Access From Anywhere

com-3Our systems can be viewed remotely from any internet connection, even a smartphone or iPad. You are able to see live time activities and you can review recorded video. We provide you with the apps and help you set the program up on all of your mobile devices.

Have peace of mind at your fingertips, knowing that your business is running smoothly 24 hours a day.

Email and Text Alerts

com-4All of our cameras come equipped with motion sensors. It can be set on motion around-the-clock or on a schedule. If motion is detected in front of your cameras, you will be sent an alert not only letting you know that motion was detected but also a picture showing you exactly what is happening!