Still not convinced….Take a look at these true stories from actual surveillance customers!

test-1- A church in rural Georgia had 6 AC units stolen off the roof of their building. It took them 3 weeks to get them reinstalled, only to find them gone again a few months later. They decided to install a camera system to monitor the property. They haven’t had any theft since.


test-2- A clothing store had just opened their doors for the day when a man came in with a gun and demanded money. The robber looked up and noticed the cameras and turned and left the business, leaving his car keys on the counter! Police were able to catch and prosecute the criminal because of the video. The owner believes that we saved his life and their money.


test-3- After cameras were installed in a warehouse, the owner caught two employees stealing over $20,000 in materials. Both employees had been with the company for several years and were aware that cameras were being installed. They wanted to get by with stealing one more time while they had they a chance. They didn’t know that half of the cameras had been installed…and could see them.
This same company also reported a 30% increase in production after cameras were installed.


test-3- A lady went into a retail store and “FELL” on the ground. She claimed to have “slipped” on something in the floor. The manager remembered that they recently installed a camera system so he told the lady to hold on while he reviewed the recordings. At that point, she got up and left the store!